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                  Rent or Buy ?

    - The rental market will typically be most budget friendly and offers ease of handling your wedding party in style! Our suit and tuxedo rentals are serviced locally which provides our customers with TOP NOTCH service.


    -Buying your look is really affordable,  if you can get more wear from your wedding attire.  You can put together your complete outfit..shirt, tie, vest/suspender, suit or tux, and any accessories such as tie bars, cuff/stud sets, belts..and keep it!



     -Grooms Coats are trending. If you are looking for a special look to change into after your service, we can help!  You can rent or buy.

     -Traditional formal attire, or a more casual dress down look.  You can rent or own. Top designer names, lots of color options-menswear has really come a LONG way!

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